Nov 7, 2012

Lady Starlight Interviewed by La Nación

The opening act, DJ and friend of Lady Gaga, told us, exclusively, of her show and even offered recommendations for Little Monsters style wanting to be in the Monster Pit  at Costa Rican Born This Way Ball show. Read the full interview given to the Costa Rican newspaper "La Nación" after the jump!

In Costa Rica do not know much about Lady Starlight so far. How did you start as an artist?

Lady Starlight- I tell you: going to nightclubs with extravagant costumes and enjoy the party.

Now you talk about the looks, your style is very flamboyant, what are your influences?

Lady Starlight- All my looks are inspired by music, also depend on the genre with which you are currently connected: Peggy Moffit from 60 to 80 with Judas Priest, through the era of the late Bowie 70. Now I have the pleasure of working with my idol in costume design, Ray Brown, so all you see now are some of their creations.

As a DJ, we know you like metal punch. Do you think this music should go back to the clubs? Heavy Metal and Pop, how do both?

Lady Starlight- My goal as a DJ has never been to be part of the mainstream, to follow a stream or play pop fashionable clubs. I've always believed that if I wanted to party with some music, there will be other people out there who want the same as me. My goal is, and has been, to unite like-minded people, create a fun scene and give them the time of their lives.

What can we expect from your presentation in Costa Rica as part of a tour of Gaga?

Lady Starlight- It will be an art show inspired by the progressive rock of the 70s. Not the dance, not the music or the act, are all those things together. I can create a unique and give the public a total sensory experience.

What did you think when you found out that the tour would come to Costa Rica?

Lady Starlight- I used to play in a small club in Brooklyn and then did a lot of good friends. One of them bought a house in Costa Rica and I always said it was the best place in the world. So obviously, I'm raring to go.

If you could choose someone to collaborate musically, who would it be and why?

Lady Starlight- The creators of powerviolence (a genre of hardcore punk), Man Is The Bastard. They have a perfect combination of heavy riffs with experimental sound.

How has your life changed since that Gaga is a world famous star?

Lady Starlight- The only thing that has changed is that instead of presenting to 20 people, is now the world beholder.

Lady Gaga in V magazine wrote: "A knowledge of the world of fashion, art and pop culture requires a tremendous amount of study, preparation ... I got it from my best friend Lady Starlight ... ". Do you consider yourself a mentor of Lady Gaga?

Lady Starlight- Not a mentor, but a sister who encourages all!

Starlight and Lady Gaga on stage, what is the best time we have lived together there?

Lady Starlight- It was in Chicago at the Lollapalooza festival in 2010. Our first big concert was in a super small stage at the same festival but in 2007. We went from 300 people in the audience to be seen by more than 100,000, all in a span of three years. That allowed me to see how far we've come, and that our dreams had come true.

Have you traveled with Gaga worldwide. Have the opportunity to criticize or influence the work of Gaga?

Lady Starlight- They have said that I can not influence people. I have a constant flow of creative ideas in my head that I feel compelled to share. And I have never criticized the work of Gaga. She puts her 100% in everything he does, and when you work like nothing can go wrong.

Leveraging your knowledge in fashion and style, what tips or advice you can give to Gaga fans who want to earn a spot in the pit for a closer look?

Lady Starlight- Dress as hospital, with kimonos or long pajamas with a leather jacket.

What do you do when you're not on stage?

Lady Starlight- I do not do anything but work on my show. My show is not limited to the stage. It's my whole life ... so I make strange music and videos. I love music research and the history of fashion.