Our story started specifically on October 2010, when we discovered Lady Gaga on a television performance. At that time, Gaga started to gain popularity due to her outrageous outfits, dark music and the way of thinking. We hadn’t seen her before until that moment and something inside us started to flourish. We were like magically poisoned and enchanted by the way that girl took control of the stage and in that moment we knew she was gonna be famous.

In that moment, we decided to search how to create a fan site and without any knowledge of web design or development we launched it using a free host and that little page become our biggest achievement.

After several attempts to remove the page, and go through several problems related to web development and maintenance, in addition to thinking about the failure of not succeeding, we decided not to pay attention and focus again to continue the goal we had proposed, with the difference that we researched and studied how to understand and develop the website with better news and publications. However, one day, a partial damage of the website happened, deleting half of the posts and articles published, but that event was just only a way to continue working hard to be one of the best.

We have grown a lot since then. Now we totally changed. The latest designs are super trendy, sleek, friendly, simple but professional and with our own domain name, everything has changed. We can not be happier to have more fans like us talking with us and discussing the latest of Gaga’s career, they are all so nice and gave us so much love and support. If were not for them, we don’t really know where we would be now.

Thank you for believe in our work, thank you Gaga, for being the muse and our role model we need to lead our lives and our way of thinking, thanks to Jordan Cabral a.k.a. Lady Macabre, an incredible digital artist designer for their unconditional support and the constant effort made since day one.