Hi everybody! Welcome to ''Little Monsters Official,'' the Lady Gaga fansite that was founded back in October 2010, and that started just as a project for my English course that me and my best friend were part of, back then.

During all these years, I've preferred to maintain my anonymity for too many reasons but, the main one is that I am not looking for recognition or to have validation from people, it is just my passion for what I've been doing since the day one that keeps me always searching for more ways of how to make this site a better place, where die-hard and not so fans, can share their thoughts, experiences and the bond we have for music, art, and more. Maybe, one day you'll know me but, right now I'm not interested in doing it.

As I mentioned before, this blog started just as a simple final project for an English course I took, and without knowing what was going to happen next, something inside me made me hooked with Gaga's music and her way to connect with the audience. I barely knew her or listen to her music, but that was about to change, and my inner 'Monster' will began to emerge, as one day saw one of her televised performances and I instantly got hooked.

As you could imagine or if you were one of those early visitors that checked the web since then, the blog was a mess and had no clue how a really good one had to be maintained. After dealing with several attempts to avoid the project and continue with my not so interesting life,  I battled to emerged from that and with the limited resources I had, the investigation of how to create a cool web and create original and interesting content started.

This fansite has grown a lot since then. The latest designs are super trendy, sleek, friendly, simple but professional and with our own domain name, everything has changed. I can not be happier to have more fans like us talking and discussing the latest of Gaga’s career, they are all so nice and gave me so much love and support. If were not for them, I don’t really know where I would be now.

With my limited time and money to maintain the platform and sometimes with no time to dedicate, I really do my best to deliver you high-quality content with the knowledge and research I know; And I hope that you enjoy my work that at the end of the day is also yours.

I really see this web as my refuge, where I really focus on what content should I create and post, what type of content other fans will like to read and see, and that really pushes me forward to continue and give all my effort to stay up to date and offer you the best experience. You are and will be the reason I keep with this project.

Last but not least, I wanna thank Gaga for being more than a pop star, for being the real human being she is and has been, that gives love, passion, and creativity to all of us through her music, performances, shows and all the things she does. I will never be regretted to consider myself as a Monster and discovered her, thanks to homework.  Lady Gaga is and will be more than a musician and a pop girl to me, I get really excited on every era that I've been through and that makes me realize that to me, she is like family, even though I've never met her in person, nor have attended one of her concerts (that day will come, I know).

And finally, thank you, dear visitor: receive all my love and gratitude through every post I write, every photo or video I published because I do this for you.


- - -