Dec 3, 2012

Lady Gaga Teams Up with UNICEF

Besides being part of the United Nations recently, Lady Gaga has joined forces with UNICEF to promote and speak about Youth Empowerment. Mother Monster paid a surprise visit to supported school in Ventanilla District, Peru, on the outskirts of Lima. The students were shocked and delighted that the megastar had come to visit their school to share a day of activities and to get to know them.

The school, Francisco Bolognese, is located in Pachacútec, one of the poorest areas of Ventanilla District, where poverty, violence, mistreatment, gang activities and drug use contribute to keeping many children out of school. In response, UNICEF has been working with the government and partners to implement Child Friendly School initiatives that help keep children in school and provide them with a protective environment. The Child Friendly School model, which UNICEF has helped develop, includes working with parents and the community to provide children and youth with a safe and supportive environment for learning.

Later, after kicking off a soccer match at the school, Lady Gaga delighted the crowd with a short verse of her song ‘Born this Way’ – leaving all wanting more. As the day came to a close, Lady Gaga stressed to all of the students the importance of being kind and compassionate to one another and commended them on their hard work and determination to make all of their aspirations become a reality.