Jan 14, 2015

Lady Gaga To Receive The Futuristic 'M Piano' ?

The “M Piano” is a new futuristic piano invented and produced by Austrian piano maker "Alpha Pianos". The piano has completely new possibilities. The first artists who get a “M Piano” are Lady Gaga, Lenny Kravitz, Chick Corea & Rodger Hodgson.

The ''M Piano'' is a touch-sensitive keyboard key with adjustable characteristics, key-revolution in an elegant design. A concept study on the way to the series. The "M" stands for mechatronic piano and below each key sits high tech in the form of adjustable actuators, making the resistance and thus the perceived weight of the key variable. The surfaces of the individual keys are also touched sensitive and can be as individual use as a controller. Another highlight in the repertoire of the start-ups is the "Alpha-Piano". This is a digital grand piano without strings. Electronic sounds would be produced by means of specially patented sensors, but playing the keys feels like for a traditional piano. Still, the instrument is in the phase production, said Aiwasian. What makes the M-piano next to the futuristic appearance is the touch-sensitive buttons.

"It's like the iPhone, finger movements are detected," said the founder. About one and a half years ago, was begun with the development of the instrument. With this innovation sounds to be generated, as only by post-processing in recording studios was previously possible, it said.

Lady Gaga's management in Berlin became aware of the invention. The official presentation and sales will start in April 2015th, and for those interested, the "Alpha-Piano" from 18,000 euros is acquirable. M-piano will cost 5000-6000 euros. We hope to see Lady Gaga performing coming soon with this great invention!

UPDATE: Our team gets in contact with Alpha Pianos' Admin Guillet Monard to know if Gaga is going to buy the M-Piano and this is the answer: 

Hello LittleMonstersOfficial,
Thanks for your mail, we are pleased to get post from a Gaga fansite. Lady Gaga is not going to buy M-Piano, we will support her as soon as we finished developement this march.Our contact is an German agent, who shared the first pics of MPiano with Gaga. He said, she would like to play it asap, but the Austrian press made a story about it.
Artists like Lady Gaga don't have to buy a musical instrument, it will be an endorsement deal. So we hope, she will like it and use M-Piano on stage, videos,…VERY SOON!
Yours,Guillet MollardAdmin / Alpha Pianos
(Photo Credit: ALPHA PIANOS)