Feb 6, 2019

U.S. Cable Network to Cast Lady Gaga Fans for Secret Project

U.S. Cable Network to Cast Lady Gaga Fans for Secret Project

We have some great news. We can share with you that a major U.S television cable network is searching the best Lady Gaga super fans for a secret project. The most dedicated and passionate monsters will be featured in a tribute video segment that will air live. 

Have you attended every Lady Gaga tour,? seen “A Star is Born” multiple times,? done something crazy to prove your fandom? been inspired to do something kind for other Little Monsters because of Lady Gaga?  

Do you have Gaga swag in your closet,? an entire wall in your room dedicated to her,? song covers posted on YouTube/Instagram/Facebook? or maybe you sing most or all of Lady Gaga’s songs,  quote her song lyrics or interviews she's given and if you definitely remember most of Lady Gaga’s iconic red carpet moments, this casting is for you!

It is required that the people who are interested in participating for the casting, must be ages 18-34 and live or are in the greater Los Angeles and some of the descriptions mentioned above this is your chance to prove how much you love Gaga. To submit your info to be taken into consideration, be sure to mention you heard about this from Jeff Gund at infolist.com for priority consideration, and email all the information requested below, no later than Friday, February 8th, 2019, to the email superfanscasting2019@gmail.com. 

 Be sure to include your name (first and last), contact phone number, city/zip where you live (must be greater Los Angeles area), Instagram/Twitter/YouTube account handles, tell general info about yourself (are you married, single, your occupation, where you live, etc), what is it about Lady Gaga that you love?, Have you seen her perform?  If so, tell them about it, if you have a special connection to one of her songs (which one and why), if you sing or have done a cover of Lady Gaga’s music ( provide links), recent photo of yourself or selfie (.JPG format), and don't forget to put “LADY GAGA SUPERFAN CASTING” in the email.

Hurry up! You have no later than Friday, February 8th to submit your information and participate in this amazing experience. Don't forget to mention you see this on our fansite for double consideration.  Good luck!