Nov 7, 2019

Lady Gaga Talks Kindness on Oprah's SuperSoul Podcast

Lady Gaga Talks Kindness on Oprah's SuperSoul Podcast

Grammy and Oscar winner Lady Gaga talks about the lessons she’s learned as an international pop star, actress and cultural icon with Oprah Winfrey on her SuperSoul Conversation podcast. Gaga shares intimate details on how and why she created her famous persona. She also talks about her personal traumas, her daily rituals of mental and physical wellness and how she learned it’s her life’s purpose to help heal the world through kindness. Lady Gaga also discusses why she recently became an entrepreneur, creating Haus Laboratories, her brand-new beauty company.

As co-founder of the Born This Way Foundation with her mother, Cynthia Germanotta, Lady Gaga has for years been a staunch advocate of mental health awareness. The 33-year-old Grammy- and Oscar-winner has addressed her struggles with PTSD, chronic pain, depression, and sexual assault for years, and she did so once again, this time speaking on the subject with another expert in wellbeing: Oprah.

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Gaga powerfully admits to the O of O that she used to self-harm, offering fans—and those suffering from related mental health issues, such as suicidal thoughts—a practice that has helped her. 

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