Jun 17, 2020

Lady Gaga Interviewed by Martha Debayle

Once again from her house studio in Los Angeles, Lady Gaga sat down with Martha Debayle for an exclusive interview in which she talks about her new album 'Chromatica,' love, kindness, physical and emotional pain, depression, and self-discipline to achieve dreams.

Debayle, a Nicaraguan-Mexican presenter, TV, and radio host visited the Universal Music headquarters first to listen to 'Stupid Love, ' 'Free Woman,' 'Rain On Me' and 'Sour Candy' in order to get a general vision of what Gaga came up to with this new project. 

This video interview is also written in Debayle's "MOI" Magazine in which Gaga graces the cover of the June issue, and is the only one made for Latin America.