Aug 28, 2020

GagaRadio Episode: 4 TCHAMI

GagaRadio Episode: 4 TCHAMI

In this very last episode of GAGARADIO, our dearly Mother Monster chats with DJ and French producer TCHAMI about his involvement behind tracks from Gaga's new album 'Chromatica' such as 'Stupid Love,' 'Rain On Me,' '1000 Doves' and, 'Babylon'.

Gaga also revealed that ARTPOP's lead single was supposed to be 'Sexxx Dreams' by saying: "“The first single from ARTPOP was supposed to be ‘Sexxx Dreams’, but then I wrote ‘Applause’ and I was like “No, this one has to be the single!”, and a lot of people don’t know that but you produced ‘Applause’."

On 1000 Doves: I could actually cry when you guys turned 1000 Doves into dance music, because in the beginning it sounded like Joanne 2.0”

Tchami's DJ mix played on today's episode, features 'Stupid Love' (MNNR Remix) [Mixed], as well as tracks such as Jaded's "Bang Bang (Extended Mix)," "Lift Your Energy" by Eden Prince and more.