May 20, 2021

Lady Gaga Became Pregnant After Sexual Assault at 19

Lady Gaga Became Pregnant After Sexual Assault at 19

Lady Gaga has just revealed in the new documentary "The Me You Can't See", that she became pregnant after her awful and traumatic episode of sexual assault abuse at age 19 by a music producer.

In this new Apple TV documentary series executive produced by Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry, Gaga opened up even more about the horrendous episode of her life, and how she deals with such a traumatic, even today. Talking about the event, Gaga stated “I went through a really crazy time in my head that I still work on. And I’m trying to make sure I give back with that experience instead of just, I don’t know, locking it away and faking it.” 

Explaining more about her past: 

“My mental health I thought was a problem when I was very young. I used to cut myself when I was really young. I had my own experiences with abuse and it’s really hard for me to articulate in a way where I feel like it’s safe for young people to listen about why anyone would cut. I do believe that those urges for me, came from a place of ‘I need to show the hurt inside.” 

Relaying the details of the event that caused her trauma and pain:

 “I was nineteen years old. And I was working in the business. And a producer said to me ‘take your clothes off’. And I said ‘no’. And I left. And they told me they were gonna burn all my music. And they didn’t stop asking me and then I just froze and I just... I don’t even remember.”

“And I will not say his name. I understand this ‘Me Too’ movement, I understand that some people feel really comfortable with this, and I do not. I do not ever want to face that person again,” she continued.

"Years later I went to the hospital, they brought a psychiatrist in and I said, 'Bring me a real doctor.' I said, 'Why is there a psych here, I can't feel my body.' I felt full-on pain, then I went numb," she said. "And then, I was sick for weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks after and I realized that it was the same pain I felt when the person who raped me dropped me off pregnant on the corner [outside] my parents' house, because I was vomiting, and sick. 'Cause I'd been being abused. I was locked away in a studio for months."

“I wanna be able to tell everybody that’s watching that I dry my tears now. And I move on... You can come back from things like that. But when it hits you really hard, it can change you. I had a total psychotic break and for a couple of years I was not the same girl.”

Gaga's ability to overcome and control her trauma after many years:

“I learned all the ways to pull myself out of it. It all started to slowly change. It took two and a half years.” 

The interviewer then asked Gaga, “What were you doing in that time?”
She replied, laughing “I won an Oscar! Nobody knew!” 

“Everybody that’s at home right now suffering, I would like to say that it’s so important that you surround yourself with at least one person that validates you... somebody that believes you, that cares about you, and tells you that your pain matters. And that it’s real.” 


Lady Gaga has opened up about her trauma once again, exposing her difficult times she went through, openly discussing the effects of rape of her mental health. Gaga, as well as public figures including actress Glenn Close, San Antonio Spurs DeMar DeRozan, mental health advocate, and speaker Zak Williams, Olympic boxer Virginia “Ginny” Fuchs, celebrity chef Rashad Armstead and more, alongside a wide range of people from across the globe living with the challenges of mental health issues and addressing their emotional well-being. 

The highly anticipated multi-part documentary series, featuring illuminating stories that help lift the veil on the current state of mental health and emotional well-being, is now available on Apple TV+