Jun 22, 2021

Lady Gaga & Dr. Bernice King Discuss The Power of Unlearning

Lady Gaga & Dr. Bernice King Discuss The Power of Unlearning

Lady Gaga joined Dr. Bernice King to discuss and talk about racism and how it affects society and the power of unlearning it. The conversation's main focus was on teaching white people to join in conversations about white supremacy and racism. 

"It took me making mistakes and really looking in the mirror and asking why I can't talk about [racism]". - Lady Gaga.

Gaga even revealed that how she was asked to visit the Capitol on the day of President Biden's inauguration, but that she refused as she was too afraid. But then, after singing the national anthem at the event, she went incognito and witnessed the riots at the Capitol with her own eyes. 

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