May 31, 2024

Lady Gaga Teases New Album with Mysterious Snippet

Following the release of her HBO concert special ''Gaga Chromatica Ball'' which debuted this weekend and is available to stream on Max, Lady Gaga has teased the fans the return to music with a hint of what seems to be the beginning of her upcoming seventh studio album. 

At the end of the concert before the official credits, Gaga appears walking off the fire-blazed stage with her black monster claw in the air, screaming “I fucking love you” making her dance moves a la Michael Jackson, a flashy title message appears saying ''LG7 GAGA RETURNS,'' accompanied by what seems like a snippet of a new song with the lyrics: "Dancing In The Shadow Of The Night".

The concert special, which was produced, directed, and created by Gaga based on her 2022 tour The Chromatica Ball, debuted over the holiday weekend in Los Angeles, where she spoke in detail for the press for the first time about the plans for the follow-up to her 2020 Chromatica album saying: “Every single day. I have written so many songs, I’ve been producing so many songs, and it’s nothing like anything that I’ve ever made before. I love to break genre and I love to explore music. There’s something really beautiful about knowing that you will be loved no matter what you do.”

While there is no official release date for LG7 just yet, Gaga nor her label has released any other additional details about the project, but we can get ready to start what seems to be a different project. Don't forget to stay up with our latest news and updates on our social media for further details.